For 20 years, the Qantis Platform has been developing collaborative solutions for the 20,000 companies in its ecosystem in France and internationally, via 5 subsidiaries.

PME CENTRALE is the leading purchasing centre for SMEs and ISEs in France. Member companies save money, add structure to their purchasing process, and save time. These conditions are obtained by pooling their needs and negotiating framework agreements with suppliers. PME Centrale is the foundational company, which led to the creation of the Qantis Platform.

PME UNIVERSITE is the first university for SMEs and ISEs in France. Member companies have access to the same services as large companies in terms of continued education, such as: developing the skills of their employees, working on their employer brand, or digitalising the forms of continued education they provide.

KMU ZENTRALE in Germany develops the same services as those offered by PME CENTRALE for German companies and is based in Stuttgart, cradle of the automobile industry and its equipment manufacturers. It also allows French companies located in Germany to benefit from their purchasing conditions and vice versa. In 2018, the “MA+” employee benefits program was launched, which added to the offer of services for member companies.


LABELA offers purchasing solutions and complementary services to organised networks and franchises, in particular digital solutions and white-labelling in order to better recruit and retain its member companies.

SYMBIOSE gives its members the opportunity to build together or sell together. We work with member companies to, for example, lead an alliance of SMEs, create a sales group, participate together at exhibitions, or organise a collaborative event.

BONUUS makes it possible to offer the employees of artisans, VSEs, SMEs and ISEs the same advantages as those of large businesses thanks to negotiated purchasing conditions.

Do you want to sell more with the help of adapted tools?

MATCH&GO is our commercial referencing service. Selections are made through collaborative work with members of the Qantis ecosystem. The concluded agreements are then implemented by our team with our digital tools (e.g. digital platform, website, mobile applications) to connect the suppliers’ sales representatives with the customers’ buyers. These agreements are strategically managed to increase commercial efficiency by adapting resources according to your priority targets.

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